Thousands of schools have benefited from educational performances on
topics designed to meet the needs of their curriculum.  Whether students are
studying reptiles, mammals, the rainforest, adaptation or any other subject,
an up close view and an entertaining presentation will ensure that the
information will be remembered long after the textbooks are closed.

Animal Magic’s list of school references is extensive and the vote is
unanimous.  Our customers are not only satisfied, they are astounded!   We
have OVER 35 years of experience in life science education and look forward
to bringing some “Animal Magic” to your school!   We are more affordable
than you think and more effective than you could imagine.   

According to the National Science Teacher’s Association, “Student interaction
with organisms is one of the most effective methods of achieving many of the
goals outlined in the National Science Education Standards (NSES).”  Animal
Magic strives to create presentations that parallel the recommendations of
National and State Standards for the life sciences.  The Michigan benchmarks
that are consistently addressed include the following:   

I.1.EL.1: Generate questions about the world based on observations.
I.1.EL.2: Develop solutions to problems through reasoning, observation, and
II.1.EL.2: Show how science concepts can be interpreted through creative
expression such as language arts and fine arts.
II.1.EL.4: Develop an awareness and sensitivity to the natural world.
III.4.EL.2: Explain how physical and behavioral characteristics of animals help
them to survive in their environments

Animal Magic's extremely reasonable prices have remained the same since
1980 and we decided to keep it that way.  We understand that the
economy isn't that great right now, but there's still a need to teach people of
all ages about animals and their benefits to us.  It's a proven fact that kids
learn better from seeing these animals in person rather than just reading
about them or watching them on T.V.  Call to discuss our fees, since they
vary depending on location and the number of assemblies (the more
assemblies, the better the rates).  We offer HUGE multiple assembly

Animal Magic has the most reasonable rates
in the country and doesn't require a deposit...
we've been trusting schools for OVER 35 years!

Libraries all over the country have livened up their programs with a little
“Animal Magic!”  With standing room only crowds, we have brought the pages
of some of literature’s most beloved books to life.  Shows can be general or
specific to the summer reading program theme.

We just finished designing our amazing new library program for
summer, 2016: On your mark, Get set, Read.  Mark will use actual stories
from his four books to present a one of a kind, engaging library show that's
guaranteed to pack the house.  We're astounded at how quickly the calender
is already filling...hurry and book today!

The huge crowds surrounding the “Animal Magic” presentations at festivals,
events and expos around Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Connecticut, Illinois,
Missouri, South Carolina, Virginia, New York, Maryland, Washington D.C.,
West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio shows just how wildly popular this act
is!  Draw many more people to your event with one of the country’s most
popular exotic animal and magic shows (don't's educational, as
well!)!  Animal Magic is a proud member of the Michigan Festival and Events

Forget the games and menu, liven up your event with a little “Animal Magic.”  
Give us a call and your child’s birthday, a company picnic, a family reunion or
virtually any group function will move from the routine to the extraordinary.  
This program isn't just for children!  We adapt the performance to fit the
audience!  Adults love our shows as much, if not more, than the kids!

Nothing brightens the eyes of a nursing home resident like the presence and
touch of animals.   Break away from bingo or arts and crafts and work this
exciting and interesting event into your activity calendar today!

Animal Magic designs special presentations around the needs of audiences
with developmental disabilities. Attention spans increase and spirits soar as
participants focus on this incredible sensory experience.

Animal Magic has a special offer for all boy scout, cub scout & girl scout
troops.  We will drastically slash our already low rates in exchange for
donations identified on our wish list page.  Scouts (and their families) are
given the opportunity to collect and bring in items to help meet the needs of
our rescue program and learn the value of giving back.  In exchange, we
make Animal Magic as affordable as possible to your group.  We are now
booking for monthly meetings and Blue and Gold Banquets!
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